Monday, November 12, 2007

Notes from a Comic Book Nerd...

Well, it's been a rough, bust month! I started a new job a week ago that is 99% graphic design, 1% retail and everything else. I have to say, this is the type of job I was looking for! There's plenty of downtime in the morning, and sadly, I haven't been able to sketch much. Part of it is I just feel drained from it. I've never had to be so creative so often!

I've got some cavities I need to fill and fast, but I don't have any decent dental coverage. Isn't America great? Donations accepted through PayPal.

I STILL haven't begun even the final sketches fro the Nuns Behaving Badly poster, haven't touched a commission or two due (Sorry about that!). Insult to injury? I still have some massive comic book that needs to even get started! I've had a vision in my head since June and haven't finished yet, and am running out of time! I've got to get this series done, AND SOON, so I can start this massive one I want!

Yes, yes, that was insanely bare! The reason is because I have an idea for a book but I don't want to say detail one until even one issue is done. Considering the fiasco that the Morise Comics label became... it's safe to say that I want to make sure it doesn't happen again!

I've been reading Cerebus and Bone, and I plan on reading the newest Batman: Confidential series and finally look into that World War Hulk series! I picked-up the What-If? of the series and... WOW! Two pages, I know how the damn thing ends, but damn if it doesn't look good!

Also, I lost the election here in Philly for Mayor and I'm addicted to Guitar Hero III and Caffinee. Now that's what good comic books are made of!

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