Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Year Later....

So, you may be wondering why there's a massive gap in posting on the blog. Well, it isn't because I haven't been busy, and it hasn't been because I stopped drawing, let alone sketching.

No, the reason for the lull was because I decided more than a year ago to not post any sketches unless the piece based on it was done. That was done for a number of reasons, most of which I want to go into, but I did want to show what went behind a piece once it was done and fully develop my concept before unleashing it on the world.

Or some other artistic tripe.

That being said, check on the blog more often, I plan on having a few sketches of finished projects up soon.

Also, I spent the night checking out all my old sketch books for ideas for new pieces. About 99% of all the sketches I do never get developed, and about 10% of that are actually worth it. In the last 4 years, I've filled up 9 books and number 10 is in the works.

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