Monday, July 7, 2008

Larry's Field Survival Guide: The Way To Succeed and The Way to Suck Eggs

Kinda psyched about this:

I started looking at old sketchbooks I had in 2004, back when my my was first hospitalized and up to and around the time she died in 2005, and I was still in art school. It was nothing short of amazing to look back at this stuff and marvel at it! It was incredibly creative, a ton of fun, and it showed me coming into my own at 19 and 20 years of age. It irritating that I took a good year or two away from my art desk and only in the last 6 months really tried to get back at it.

Well, I decided to just start doing some older stuff I used to do and start doing it again. I'm doing more and more basic studies to get my older skills back into shape and I'm going to start doing more finishes in my sketch book. I plan on drawing something daily, but I'm not going to go nuts about it. If it looks like crap, so be it, but hey, I drew something and am getting better.

So here's my sketch from today. I laid it out last night, but wrapped it up today in about 2 hours today. Did some quickie colors for fun, too. I'm trying to start telling stories with my pieces instead of just doing straight pin-ups. This is the first page in my sketch book.

I can already see some 20-odd things wrong with this piece, but I plan on re-doing it by the end of the book to see how far I've come. It should be interesting!

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