Friday, January 23, 2009

From Sketch to Finish: A Quick Overview

I don't want to give too much away about my process and how I get to an end... at least not yet. I like having people dissect it to get their own meaning out of it. But here's the sketch:

Now, I started to mention this yesterday, but here some more detail on the subject:

When I was in art school from 2002 -2006 (worth mentioning because I think I may be among the last to learn old-fashioned principals of design... or sound like an ass for saying that), there were teachers who had been in the industry for nearly 30 - 50 years. Hearing them talk was boring at times, but hell, I learned a lot! One teacher in particular was Mr. Crawford, and he taught some really basic, really smart things. For example, when your doing a sketch of a design layout with type, make little boxes for each letter. I was, ironically enough, doing that when I was a kid so it was a pleasant surprise.

You can see little notes about the font choice. That was a big thing to me because, as much as I'm a fan of artists like Brute and Shepard Farely, I never want to just copy them. I hate copying my hero's, it feels like I'm ripping them off. I'd rather just learn from them and make it my own. So in this case, I was looking at the work of Brute and realized that using Impact for everything would be ripping him off. For that "RULES" series I did, and all my propaganda pieces, all the fonts are Arial Black (oops, gave away a secret!) that I've modified. In the case, I didn't think it would work so I wound up using some new font I got. I can't recall the name... it started with an "F" but it wasn't Franklin Gothic... eh, anyway, that's besides the point.

I've been getting some really rude comments about images in some of my pieces, and I try to only use photos I took myself or in the public domain. For this idea, I needed public domain pics. Interesting fact: Any image created and distribuited by the US Government is 100% free. Enjoy!

I messed around with a few ideas and for the one I plan on executing in public, like printing and such since black and white is cheap, I did this:

I actually have another one in some color. Not much, just a little to go with what I normally do. I'll post that later.

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