Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some New Sketches from January 21 - 22

I'm going to have a post about artists I'm checking out, but once again I'm going to make a renewed effort to post more here.

That said, here's some pieces I did over the last few days in my sketch book. Some of them lead to other finishes, as you'll see. It's always interesting to me to see the thought process.

The first one here is a Vulture. I took a photo, printed it out, and drew from it. Yeah, there are plenty of vultures in Philly, but none of them look like the one I wanted; the ones around here look like human beings.

So next up are some sketches of various projects I have in mind that involve, you guessed it, the vulture. I did these yesterday after the inauguration and was inspired but a lot of the imagery. I wanted to do a faux-presidential seal for a few months now (wow, that's a long time!) and finally decided to give it a shot. The entire "He's Watching" thing is based on how Obama voted in favor of keeping wiretaps... and the fact that his face seems to be everywhere. Am I the only one who thinks that's like "1984"? Eh...

I'm posting the sketch now, but I'll do the reveal tomorrow. How do I like to develop an idea?
Well, for anything that's purely design, 99% of the time I just wing it on a computer. It tends to be better than me over-thinking it and, in my daily job, I kinda have to. So it's rare that I do a full semi-detailed sketch of what I plan on doing. You can see in the sketch above that I laid out my type in boxes. I had an old design teacher teach me that... but that's another day. The entire idea was to create something that I could make into about 9ft by 3ft, maybe even larger. I'm going to ask around about doing "Street art"... anyway, here's the thing:

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